Desserts n Snacks give life that extra bit of zest. They are treats that remind us to stop and enjoy life and that we are moving along and making the most of what it brings. It isn’t just the treat itself – it’s the look, aroma, and texture of it. It may have that sweet and delicate quality or that meaty taste marinated in special seasonings.

We are always coming up with new ways to make desserts and snacks even better. Fabulous food shows give us an idea of how other states and countries like to eat and what they are willing to serve up. The differences are vast.

So whatever or whenever you find you have a craving for knowledge about food from here or there especially dessert and snacks, visit my website. I love food, not only for its taste but for its power to lift our spirits and quench the desire of the senses as well as quiet hunger pangs.

You will find the history of popular food, the food of great nations, beverages, reviews of local restaurants and special treats not seen every day. So welcome and leave room for dessert (n snacks)!

Jahn’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe

Jahn’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe

Cupcakes – Desserts of Champions

Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Buttercream Flowers

Cheesecake – Surprised?

Mini Cheesecake Bites with Fresh Strawberries

The Many Flavors of Ice Cream

Mango Trifle with Chocolate
Mango and Ice Cream Trifle with Chocolate